How To Use Zen Coding In Notepad++

Web designers across the globe prefer using Notepad++ for editing and writing source. But if you want to enjoy enhanced results with proper results then you should use Zen coding or Emmet in Notepad++. It is a simple yet practical plugin+ that can be of great use for extra code editing features so that you can easily write codes within a short span of time. Zen Coding was developed by Sergey Chikuyonok and this is released as GNU license. You can easily use Zen Coding separately in different text editors and the advantages of this coding are that the core and interface are developed separately. The library of this coding is also designed in a manner so that you can reuse the core without the need for changing in between the text editors. The interface part needs to be rewritten for the different text editors and hence a lot of time and hard work can be saved in the process. The modular design on Zen Coding helps in minimizing glitches between the text editors and feature implementation variations. it is important for you to know how to use Zen Coding in Notepad so that you will get amazing results from coding.

Reasons for choosing Zen Coding in Notepad++

Zen Coding which is popularly known as Emmet is a perfect way of writing your markup easily and quickly so that your development workflow will move smoothly. You can easily transform the CSS rules of programming into HTML markup with the use of Zen Coding. There is no need to waste time on making sure that the closing tag of rules, tags, ids, text and classes matches the opening tag. Zen Coding has simplified this coding game to a much simpler and effortless method where you will no longer get frustrated while writing down elaborate codes. Writing CSS and HTML code can be done faster when you don’t have to worry whether the css/html tags are proper indented or closed. Additionally, you can spend some quality time while doing creative things rather than having to write down codes that takes ages to complete it successfully. The code compilation capabilities are an attractive feature that you can use while getting help in doing a lot of typing.

How to use Zen Coding in Notepad++

Zen Coding plugin for Notepad++ is available from Google code project and most of the text editors support this plugin. This editor plugin is most appropriate for high speed HTML, XSL, XML or any other structured code format and its coding and editing. The powerful abbreviation engine can help in expanding expressions just like CSS selectors to HTML code.

The example for this is given below:

div#page>div.logo+ul#navigation>li*5>a For installing Zen Coding- python plugin you need to follow these steps-

– Go to plugins

– Plugin admin

– Enter Zen in search bar

– Press next

– Select Zen Coding-python

– Press install for installing the coding.

Zen Coding plugin supports different text editors like Notepad++ and ultra edit. Hence, before downloading, you will need to choose appropriate editor plug-in download so that you can start a seamless coding journey. After installing Zen, you will need to restart your text editor- Notepad++ and you will find Zen Coding on your menu bar so that you will get to use the amazing features for coding. Since Zen Coding supports most of the code editors, you will enjoy its use when you get easy implementation features as well.

Enjoy excellent code editing

Zen Coding is seamlessly integrated with Notepad++ as this plugin can make changes to its features so that you can write code easily. It comes with its own menu that boasts of rich features which is of great help for web designers who want to enhance the overall look and functionality of the website. But you will have to use only the supported file types like HTML, XSL and XML which works only with structured code format.

Activate the plugin

To open the plugin manager-

Select tools—plugin manager

Activating the plugin- You need to check the box next to Zen Coding plugin so that you can start using its amazing features.

Using the plugin- changing key bindings for Zen Coding plugin from its default is the first and foremost things that you need to do. For this you will have to go to-

– Edit->Preferences

– Select key bindings tab

– Find Zen Coding group of key bindings and choose from the two key bindings according to your preferences.

– The current defaults are Ctrl+Shift+q for wrap with abbreviations and Ctrl+Shift+e for expand abbreviation.

Use of Zen Coding

Knowledge about HTML and CSS is extremely important if you want to use Zen Coding. If you are familiar with CSS selectors, then it can be of great help for compiling HTML code with the use of CSS selector. For starting the use of Zen Code, you will have to open Notepad++ editor followed by inputting the code:

– Div#Name

– Press Ctrl+e shortcut key(it will generate HTML code)

Writing code for website building and designing has been simplified with the use of Zen Coding so that your work becomes easier and simpler. While using Notepad++, the use of this plugin offers amazing benefits pertaining to the speed in which you write codes. You will have to download the Zen Coding plugin into Plugins folder on the Notepad++ and you can start using your own menu from this download. Any structured code formats including HTML, XML and XSL can be supported by this tool so that code writing can be done in a convenient manner. It allows you to wrap up your code with merge lines, abbreviations, tags, toggle comment mode and balance tags. You can also join, split or remove tags without any hassles and evaluating math expressions can also be done easily with the use of Zen Coding. When working with Notepad++, this code editor can be of great help and you can also download it free of cost for enjoy seamless integration. The way of creating web pages has witnessed huge improvements and you can also write different documents and web pages with the code within a short span of time.

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